Celebrating One Year of New Mercies Ministries!


July marks our first anniversary as New Mercies Ministries! We are celebrating the hundreds of lives impacted over the last year through the ministry of radical hospitality. THANK YOU to all who have joined hands with us as we work to provide supportive connections, safe housing, and restorative services for families in our community.

Since the launch of New Mercies, volunteers have served and supported 302 New Mercies hostings—and we're not slowing down!

Annual hosting data infographic
2021-2022 hosting data

Read on to learn more about how God is working in our community through the words of New Mercies families and volunteers:

Celebrating 2
Pine Hills Church's "Engage My City" diaper drive for New Mercies

Voices from around the ministry

"I was instantly inspired by the mission, purpose, and drive to support, empower, and build relationships with families—all while showing Christ’s love." -Jill, support line volunteer

"I love [New Mercies] because nobody stands out. It’s not about competition, it’s not about prestige—it’s about helping others. You can just be a part of the body...everybody’s strengths are where they need to be. It all works together." -Shari, transportation team volunteer

"The only support I had and still have is this program...I met some great, great families who have stuck with me, and here we are and we are doing great." -Kenyetta, New Mercies Mom

Celebrating 3
Host Mom Flora and New Mercies Mom Kenyetta

"[New Mercies] feels like the church doing what we’re supposed to: coming alongside...relationship." -Joel, resource team and family coach volunteer

"It feels less like we’re serving and more like we are welcoming children into our family’s story...We have gained family in a permanent way—a lasting relationship between our family, the child we hosted, and his entire family." - Courtney, host parent

"Life is hard and messy. New Mercies doesn't shy away from the hard, it presses in. Just as Jesus has done for us. I'm so thankful Jesus doesn't give up on me. I'm so thankful New Mercies is in it for the long haul in our community." -Sarah, ministry volunteer

Celebrating 1
New Mercies Zoo Days at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

We are excited to watch God to continue to work in our homes and neighborhoods. From stocking shelves and delivering meals to hosting kiddos and supporting parents, the ways to serve are as diverse as the body of Christ.

Will you join us?