Ministry Model

The New Mercies Solution

During difficult times, many parents without a support system are unable to provide a safe and caring home for their children which increases the risk of abuse and neglect. Children may eventually be removed from their homes and placed in the child welfare system if their parents are not given the support they need.

NMM is a collaboration among area churches, volunteers, and community agencies designed to give at-risk children and parents a network of support.

NMM provides safe, loving homes where parents may voluntarily have their children cared for while seeking to restore stability in their lives. Volunteer Host Families, recruited through the local church, provide a loving home where children can stay while their parents get back on their feet. Family Coaches come alongside parents during the hosting, giving them support and mentorship.

Through its dedicated volunteers, NMM helps to prevent child abuse, deflect children from the foster care system, stabilize families, and share the light and hope of Christ with vulnerable families in our community.

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How does New Mercies work?

Families seek the help of NMM because of situations such as homelessness, hospitalization, mental health crises, domestic violence, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, and incarceration. Parents can self-refer or may be referred by social service agencies, homeless shelters, hospitals, drug treatment centers, prisons, schools, police stations, etc. NMM works quickly to match children with screened, trained, and approved volunteer Host Families.

Parents voluntarily request NMM’s care for their children and maintain full custody. Children ages 0-20 may be hosted in a NMM host home, and the length of stay may range from overnight to a year. At the end of the hosting, families are reunited whenever possible. A family coach closely monitors the hosting of children in the host home and works with the parents to create and meet measurable goals.

We are committed to reuniting parents and children as soon as possible.

Why New Mercies?

  • Provides early intervention, allowing families to receive help before abuse or neglect occurs.
  • Offers a non-coercive alternative to state child welfare and loss of custody.
  • Increases the social capital in our community as neighbors help neighbors and lasting relationships are formed.
  • Has an unlimited resource engine through its volunteer base.
  • Promotes a high value of children in our society