Volunteer Roles

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do.

As a ministry of churches, we provide opportunities, support, and training for the body of Christ to get involved in caring for families. Interested in one of our volunteer roles? Please contact Navy Schrock at nschrock@new-mercies.org to be connected to the Ministry Coordinator at your church. If you have a gift or skill you would like to use to serve but aren’t sure where to connect, we’d love to discuss additional roles!

Host Family

Our Host Families care for children in the home while also ministering to parents. Motivated solely by compassion, each Host Family is screened, trained, and approved and serves without compensation. New Mercies may serve children of all ages, but each individual Host Family determines the profile of the children they are able to host in their home. In many cases, Host Families develop an ongoing relationship with the family served that often continues after children return home, providing the family with a network of support. Contact us to learn more, or apply today!

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Family Coach

Volunteer Family Coaches coordinate the hosting from the start to reunification under the oversight of the Family Coach Manager. In addition to supporting the Host Family and ensuring the well-being of children in care, these volunteers help parents set stability goals and meet with parents regularly to mentor them and work through their goals. Family Coaches also facilitate the relationship between the parents served and Host Family during the hosting. Contact us to learn more, or apply today!

Support Volunteer

These volunteers help support parents and Host Families in non-hosting ways. This can include transporting parents to an appointment or interview, transporting hosted children to school, mentoring after a hosting ends, coordinating the ministry at your church, or answering calls on our support line. Contact us to learn more, or apply today!

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Ministry Coordinator

At each partner or lead church, a ministry coordinator becomes a point person for people in the church to learn about New Mercies, get involved, and receive support. A ministry coordinator connects New Mercies leadership with potential volunteers in the church and provides regular support for those volunteers. Contact us to learn more, or apply today!

Resource Volunteer

Resource Volunteers offer support behind-the-scenes to keeps our ministry running. These are non-family facing roles within the ministry including prayer support, runner/delivery of necessary items, working in our resource closet, or preparing meals for our host families. Contact us to learn more, or apply today!