Another God Thing

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At New Mercies, we try to match Host Families with the child or children that will be the best fit for their situation and capacity to serve. Staff members want to make sure that both the mom and the child feel loved and supported throughout their hosting. We also pay attention to promptings from the Holy Spirit through prayer. God is always orchestrating who hosts each precious child, and sometimes that is just so obvious!

Recently, New Mercies contacted Jason and Kaylene Miller about a single mom in their area in need of a hosting for her daughter. Before one of our volunteers even told them who it was, the Millers hoped it would be Meghan. The Millers met Meghan through a local ministry for individuals coming out of difficult backgrounds. As a part of a team from several local churches, they were helping support Meghan and her baby daughter, Violet. They had been babysitting Violet while Meghan attended evening classes as part of the program. A trust-based relationship was formed with both mom and daughter.

So when New Mercies reached out, Kaylene asked if the mom’s name happened to be Meghan – and it was! The Miller family had already fallen in love with Violet and were thrilled that they would get to spend more time with her. Soon after the Millers agreed to the hosting, Meghan texted Kaylene, excited to learn that they would be Violet’s Host Family. Kaylene mentions how Meghan must have been happy to hear that someone she knew and trusted would be hosting her baby.

The Millers describe the hosting—their first—as a God thing. Violet already loved the Miller kids and was excited to see them more regularly through the hosting. This has also allowed the Millers to continue in their mentoring roles for Meghan, who is a believer. As she has walked through some difficulties recently, Jason and Kaylene were able to offer biblical wisdom and comfort based on the relationship they already had. They have supported her through prayer, words of encouragement, and simply by being in her life as caring fellow believers.

The Millers’ prayer is that they can continue to be a supportive presence for Meghan even after their hosting of Violet is done. They will likely remain connected through the ministry Meghan is a part of, and they plan to offer to babysit Violet in the future. In the meantime, Violet is so loved at the Miller house! Jason and Kaylene talk about praying for her like one of their own kids.

The Millers’ experience is a great example of the Spirit’s work through New Mercies. We seek to do what is honoring to the Lord and what will best serve moms and kids when we arrange a hosting. But God is the one who ultimately connects the right people!