Eagerly Stepping into Hard Situations

Eagerly Stepping Into Hard Situations October Impact Story 1

While all the calls that we take are challenging, some are particularly heart-breaking. This hosting began with a call from a mom in Elkhart County who was 38 weeks pregnant. Emily and her 1-year-old daughter were homeless and sleeping in her car outside of the hospital. They did not have much food and what little they did have Emily was giving to her daughter. The doctor shared concern that Emily needed to eat to keep herself and the unborn baby healthy.

Emily shared that she was able to get some food through the WIC nutrition program, but without a way to keep the groceries refrigerated, most of it went bad too quickly to use. This is just one of many small details that mount up for families in our communities facing hard situations. The question is, how will the body of Christ step in?

Over the past several months we have been training families and individuals in Elkhart County to be able to serve families in their community. They have been hard at work getting trained and equipped so they can begin hosting. Now, with trained Family Coaches, Host Families, Transportation Volunteers and Ministry Coordinators, this new team was ready to lean in and show practical love to a neighbor!

When we reached out to the families in Elkhart County sharing Emily’s need, they replied with a resounding YES to stepping into the situation! Emily’s new circle of support was determined to care for her and her sweet little girl. Once a Host Family was matched, the Family Coach set up a meeting to introduce Emily to the Host Family. The Family Coach, knowing a little bit about the situation this young mom found herself in, brought food for Emily and her daughter to the meeting and also left a box of food with them. Not long after, Emily delivered a healthy baby boy. How reassuring it was for her to rest in the knowledge that her daughter was in a safe place, and what an incredible chance for the Elkhart County team to be able to share the love of Christ!

Throughout Scripture, Jesus calls and equips His people to step into hard situations. Not only does the Lord give strength to serve, He gives The Church excitement to serve! As relationships form between moms like Emily and volunteers in this ministry, God beautifully demonstrates the reality that stepping into challenges brings deep joy and purpose as our communities support one another.