It Takes a Village

Newsletter Graphics January 2023

Recently, we’ve been getting more calls from parents who are homeless. These parents face the challenge of trying to find housing, employment, and childcare, all at once.

Where would you start?

How do you attend a job interview or work if you have a child with you?

How do you afford housing or childcare without a job?

This was the situation that a mom of a 15-month-old girl found herself in. One of our newly approved Host Families jumped right in and offered to host the little girl. And three other families have come alongside this Host Family to help cover day hosting and respite needs! Mom has found two jobs and is working hard to find housing and childcare, knowing that she has the time and space to do so while her little girl is in a safe place, loved, and cared for.

Join us in praying for this mom, and the many others, who face numerous challenges and limited resources as they try to care for their little ones.