Grant Received from St. Joseph Community Health Foundation

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St. Joseph Community Health Foundation Grant

Press Release

June 1, 2022

New Mercies Ministries is delighted to announce that the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation recently awarded a generous grant of $25,000.00 to assist in funding our Family Coach Manager position. The Family Coach Manager oversees the work of volunteer Family Coaches, who facilitate the relationship between the parents and the host family during a hosting. The Family Coach Manager enables Family Coaches to effectively and appropriately 1) support the host family and ensure the well-being of the children in care and 2) provide support and mentorship to the parents. In addition to supervisory tasks, the Family Coach Manager will also provide coaching to supplement the volunteer Family Coach team when appropriate. This position is now partially funded by this grant from the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, allowing us to continue providing accountability and compassionate coaching to parents in need of support.

Kenyetta Starks, a mother of three, chose New Mercies for her infant twins when she found herself socially isolated, suffering from postpartum depression, and struggling to support her young family. Now, a year later, Kenyetta is part of a thriving community of supporters, including her family coach, host family, and other volunteers on the New Mercies team. She shares that she has experienced the love of God in a new way. “I just see God working through my healing,” she says. “It took a whole lot of prayer, a whole lot of patience, and just some extra help.”

Without this generous funding from the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, parents like this young mother would be left without crucial support, unprepared to nurture her twins or provide a stable home, and too overwhelmed to parent well. We would like to thank the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation for their support that allows New Mercies Ministries to serve our community.