In Awe of God's Faithfulness (and yours!)

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Dear Friends,

Thank you! As 2021 ends, and the inaugural season of New Mercies Ministries comes to a close, I am overcome with gratitude. Amid the ups and downs of beginning a new ministry, I look in the rear-view mirror in awe of what I see. Our ministry is surrounded by faithful volunteers, churches, staff, and financial partners. So many have stepped up and filled needs in ways that are difficult to describe, and the ministry would not be here without you.

Donations large and small -- we thank you for them all!

A year ago, we were serving our neighbors through Safe Families, not knowing the challenges or great blessings God had in store. On July 1st, 2021, we stepped out in faith, becoming an independent organization. And through you, God enabled us to stand, steadied our first steps, and continues to provide for all our needs. No one could have imagined how God would take that hardship and use it for good. But He did, and we give Him all the glory.

Because of your support through this transition, New Mercies Ministries volunteers have served in 135 hostings in the last five months alone. We now confidently carry on the work God prepared for us to do when hostings in Northeast Indiana began in 2013. Including our past years’ work with Safe Families, a cumulative total of 397 children have now been served through 993 hostings in Northeast Indiana as of November’s end.

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Pine Hills City Church's "Engage My City" diaper drive for New Mercies

While numbers give us glimpses of God’s work, we know that the true impact is seen in the personal story. Just this week, we heard from a parent of twins who were hosted in the past by a host family who also had twins. This mom struggled with keeping her kids safe. She was so discouraged by her situation that she considered placing the 5-year-old twins for adoption. Throughout the hosting, her host family and family coach continued to encourage her without judgement. She made the decision to continue to parent her twins and long after the hosting ended, her host family is still just a phone call away. Tap to read this full story in this mom’s words.

November training
A recent training at Headwaters Church

You have been a means of God’s grace to this ministry and to the families that are served by it. Whether you have volunteered, supported, been on staff, or have been a financial partner with New Mercies Ministries, we are so grateful for you!

We still have a long way to go to meet our 2022 budget needs, but we know from looking in that rear-view mirror that God will provide exactly what we need to serve our most vulnerable neighbors.

Thank you for your support during our most difficult season.

With gratitude,

Bonnie S. Doolittle
Founder and Executive Director